Clos Vougeot

Clos Vougeot: A renowned grand cru

In the community of Vougeot, where its production takes place, the Clos de Vougeot (or Clos-Vougeot) is one of the most famous Grands Crus of Burgundy. The all silt and limestone soil, which is particularly stony, gives a great structure and refinement to its pinot noir (Which comprises the entire plantation). The location of the Clos de Vougeot domain, south of Chambolle-Musigny and the oceanic climate of the area play an important role in the magnificent taste of this grand cru. In addition, it's almost fifty hectares are relatively imposing, compared to its neighboring domains (Musigny and Petits Musigny are as well still producers of Grands Crus).
The Clos-Vougeot domain produces only red wines. Relatively affordable, their prices range from a few tens to a few hundred euros. Their red color is deep and once in the mouth, it has a cherry, blackberry and cassis flavor that dominate. At the table, the chef will favor roasted poultry, game and red meats to accompany it. Enjoyed with cheese, preferably with a strong one. Finally, if you want to sell all or part of the wines in your cellar, you should know that you can sell your wine at Vins Grands Crus.

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