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Individual or professional, are you looking to sell some or all of your wine collection?

We are interested! Vin Grands Crus offers an efficient and easy way to sell your wine.


vendre son vin1. Contact us

Do not hesitate to send us your list of wines with the details of the vintages, sizes, packing details (original wooden cases or loose bottles), condition of the labels, levels and corks.


rachat cave2. Fair valuation of your wines within 48 hrs

Our expert team will get back to you quickly and efficiently to provide you with a fair price for your wines. No intermediaries.


vendre ses vins3. Collection

We can organize the collection and transport of your wines from your cellar / warehouse to our cellar. Our expert staff can take care of all the arrangements such as bond transfers, collections, and re-packing if the total amount of the transaction is high enough.


rachat vin4. Secure Payment

We pay on the day of the collection by bank transfer or cheque.



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