Billecart Sallemon

Billecart-Salmon: Thirty hectares of exceptional crus

Billecart-Salmon was founded, as a Champagne producer, for a wedding. It was actually the union of two people in 1818, which gave place to the foundation of this domain. Nicolas-François Billecart and Elisabeth Salmon started their own production. Two centuries later, the Billecart-Salmon house manages about thirty hectares; almost exclusively classified as Grand Cru and Premier Cru. This can be attested by legendary vintages of Champagne, such as the cuvée Elisabeth Salmon (which is a rosé) or the cuvée Nicolas François Billecart.
The bottles reveal exceptional productions, largely focused on the delicacy of the bubbles. If, of course, each vintage has its own characteristics, Billecart-Salmon champagnes have a fairly broad spectrum. The Brut Rosé, for example, is fruity, while the Brut Reservé is a classic. The Vintage Extra-Brut has a golden color and is thick and rich in the mouth. It leaves mineral flavors in its passage. In general, Billecart-Salmon wines are very delicate. The price ranges are wide, some are available under fifty euros. It is therefore easy to get one of these champagnes for your table.

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